Congress in Málaga
25th, 26th and 27th of March 2020
About Universidad de Málaga

Deadline call of ENPODHE meeting

10th January 2020

Option Poster or Oral presentation


The Scientific Committee of the Congress of the EUROPEAN NETWORK OF PODIATRY IN HIGHER EDUCATION (ENPODHE) cordially invites you to submit your abstracts for Oral and/or Poster presentations at the conferenceMálaga 2020 (25th, 26th and 27th of March 2020

Abstracts must be sent in English, according to the abstract template below to the email address marumu@uma.es ,

and please include “ABSTRACT ENPODHE”  in the subject of the email.

Deadline call of ENPODHE meeting 10th January 2020.


Staff and students, we can offer you some possibilities if you contact through anahviajes.nivel10viajes.com
or https://www.viajesanah.web01.es/congreso-enpodhe-del-25-al-28-de-marzo-de-2020

• To Staff, the accommodation will be Hotel Sol Guadalmar (you can contact https://www.melia.com/es/hoteles/espana/malaga/sol-guadalmar/index.htm OR through anahviajes.nivel10viajes.com 

Booking by email: viajesanah@nivel10viajes.com special prices (70 single room and 80 double room with breakfast)

• To Students, the accommodation will be Hotel El Romerito (you can

contact with travel agency anahviajes.nivel10viajes.com 

Booking by email: viajesanah@nivel10viajes.com


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Wednesday 25th of March

General Assembly: 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Meeting of the ENPODHE executive partners (All teachers and executive board)

Faculty of Health Sciences.
C/ Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa 3 Malaga 2907

See the map

By subway: Metro line 1 Station Andalucia Tech (The last station)

7 pm to 8 pm

All members and students are invited to celebrate the opening of the ENPODHE 2020 Congress.

Faculty of Health Sciences.
C/ Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa 3 Malaga 2907

See the map

By subway: Metro line 1 Station Andalucia Tech (The last station)

Thursday 26th of March

8 am to 5.30 pm > ENPODHE 2020 Scientific Congress*

Organizing Committee: Dr Gabriel Gijon Nogueron; Dr. Ana Belen Ortega Avila; Dr. Maria Ruiz Muñoz; Dr. Pablo Cervera Garvi; Dr. Ana Marchena Rodriguez; Dr Joaquin Paez Moguer

Venue to be confirmed

8.30 am to 9.15 am      Registration 

9.00 – 9.15      Opening  

Dr. Rector, Dr. Mª Teresa Labajo-Manzares (Dean of Faculty) and Dr. Alfred Gatt, President of ENPODHE

Session 1:
Moderator: Dr. Maria Ruiz Muñoz     

9.15 – 9.45      Dr. Kevin Deschamps, Senior Lecturer. University of Parnnesse (Brussel, Belgium)

9.45– 10.15      
Dr. Alfonso Martinez-Nova, Senior Lecturer. University of Extremadura (Spain)

Professor İbrahim Engin SİMSEK Dokuz Eylül University School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, İZMİR TURKEY

Free oral presentation

Free oral presentation

10.40 – 11.00      
Coffee break

Session 2:
Moderator: Dr. Ana Marchena-Rodriguez

11.00-11.20      Dr. Alfred Gatt. Senior Lecturer. University of Malta (Malta)

11:20- 11.40      
Yves Lescure, Senior Lecturer. Institute National de Podologie (Paris, France)

Maria Ruiz Muñoz University of Malaga (Spain)

Free oral presentation

Free oral presentation

12.20- 12.50      
Prof. Christopher Nester, Catedratico. University of Saldford (Reino Unido)

12.50- 13.10      
Dr Sebastian Delacroix Institut National de Podologie (Paris, France)

Laura Ramos Petersen University Catholic of Mucia Spain

13.30 – 15.00      

Session 3:
Moderator: Dr. Pablo Cervera Garvi

15.00 – 15:30      Dr. Luis Roche Seruendo (University of San Jorge, Spain)

15.30 – 15:50      
Dr. Ana Sanchez. University of Salford. Manchester UK

Free oral presentation

Free oral presentation

Free oral presentation

Dr. Cyntia Formosa. University of Malta (Malta)

Pekka Antilla University of Metropolia Helsinki, Finland

Closing Conference Dr. Alejandro Luque-Suarez. Department of Physiotherapy. University of Malaga. Spain

Gala dinner for the executive partners (All teachers and Executive board)

Restaurant Chiringuito Mari Gutiérrez
Calle Guadalhorce, 54, 29004 Málaga


8.00 pm      
Tapas night (students) venue to be confirmed 

Friday 27th of March


Venue to be confirmed

9.00 – 11.00      Why feet matter? Dr. Ana Sanchez University of Salford. Manchester UK and Laura Ramos Petersen University Catholic of Mucia Spain

9.00- 11.00      Used of new digital technology of insole Aranza Requena Martinez Universy Miguel Hernandez Elche Alacant Spain

9.00-11.00      Material used in the foot orthosis; speaker to be confirmed

9.00-11.00      Ultasound workshop;  speaker to be confirmed

11.00-11.30     Coffe break

11.30-13.30      Digital skills in the analysis of biomechanics  Dr. Luis Roche Seruendo (University of San Jorge, Spain)

11.30-13.30      The use of silicone in podiatry; speaker to be confirmed

11.30-13.30      Surgery practice; Joaquin Paez

11.30-13.30      The making of insole in weight-bearing;  speaker to be confirmed


Closing and lunch for members and students

Saturday 28th of March


Trip to Cordoba (extra fee 50 euros per person)