University information


 Name of the University
University of attachment
 Ecole de Podologie de Marseille
Aix Marseille University, France
 Street address  206 Bd de Plombières
 Postal code 13014
 City  Marseille
 Country  France
 Telephone number University  0033 4 91 58 16 72


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  Information about the Podiatry Department


 Name of the department  Ecole de Podologie de Marseille
 Address of the department  206 Bd de Plombières, 13014 Marseille
 End academic year  July
 Telephone number department 0033 4 91 58 16 72
 Contact  WEBER Jean-Paul
 Bachelor  Full time – 3 years
180 ECTS
100 students
Language: French
 Distribution of lessons  • Théorical and practical training : 2028 hours.
• Clinical training : 1170 hours.
 (Lecture course 985 hours et work led 1043 hours)
 Student work  • 2202 hours.
• Total: 5400 hours, with personnal work.

 Reference table of training (formation)

 6 domains of training(formation) consisted of 55 U.E.

• Clinical placement bachelor:  575 hours
 (how many hours/ECTs do bachelor students spend in seeing real patients outside the University)

 • Clinical practice bachelor: 885 hours
 (how many hours/ECTs do bachelor students spend in seeing patients within the University)

 • Teachers: all PhD or Msc: Yes
 Labeled research laboratory by French state in the school of podiatry



  General academic information


 Education Periods
 Two semesters each academic year
First semester: September – January
Second semester: February – 20th of July
 Start academic year  September
 End academic year  July
 Holidays     2 weeks Christmas and new year
1 week in spring
5 consecutive weeks in summer

 Entry requirements


 High school diploma in sciences or in economic and social sciences (= French baccalauréat) and entrance examination
 Program starting  September


  Information for exchange


 Exchange possibilities students  Yes
 Language level for exchange  B2 in French
 Exchange possibilities staff  Yes
 Accomodation service  No