ENPodHE online Conference 2022 – Ghent


  Topic Lecturer
9h10-9h30 VALUATOR model Kevin Deschamps
9h30-9h40 Case introduction Antoine Brabants
9h40-9h50 Foot ‘Pain’ talk Alejandro Luque
9h50-10h Foot ‘Pain’ forum FORUM Alejandro Luque
10h-10h10 Psychosocial Assessment of Foot ‘Pain’ Fabienne Cherdo
10h10-10h20 Psychosocial Assessment of Foot ‘Pain’ FORUM Fabienne Cherdo
10h30 -11h BREAK  
11h00-11h10 Biological Assessment Farina Hashmi
11h10-11h20 Biological Assessment FORUM Farina Hashmi
11h20-11h30 Modes of Modelling Feet Malia Ho
11h30-11h40 Modes of Modelling Feet FORUM Malia Ho
11h40-11h50 Geometrical properties – Data triangulation Saeed Forghani
11h50-12h00 Geometrical properties – Data triangulation FORUM Saeed Forghani
12h00-12h10 Communication about foot orthotics Cylie M. Williams
12h10-12h20 Communication about foot orthotics FORUM Cylie M. Williams
12h20-12h45 CONCLUSION – TAKE HOME MESSAGE- EBP- Theory of Knowledge Kevin Deschamps
12h45-13h45 LUNCH
13h45-14h45 Children’s Feet: Stewart Morrison (Keynote speaker)  (Moderator Joris Deschepper)
14h45-15h00 BREAK
  Topic Lecturer
15h-15h30 Podiatry In Europe, the future of our common training framework Cynthia Formosa
15h30-16h Must and might’s in Belgian Podiatry Anne-Marie Vandenberk
16h-16h30 What is changing in the Belgian Footcare landscape   Sylvie Van Giel
16h30-17h Round table Anne-Marie V, Cynthia F, Sylvie VG
17h-17h30 Final word: Head of Podiatry department Eva De Mulder
  Topic Lecturer
15h-15h30 The effect of interventions anticipated to improve plantar intrinsic foot muscle strength on fall-related dynamic function in adults: a systematic review Lydia Willemse
15h30-16h In-shoe pressure and temperature technology for diabetic foot monitoring: A systematic review Claire Saliba Thorne
16h-16h30 Screening for depressive symptoms amongst patients with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy   Cynthia Formosa
16h30-17h Podiatric Telemedicine: An Evidence-Based Approach Lisa Ann Stojmanovski Mercieca
17h-17h30 Effects of a kinetic wedge and reverse morton extension on plantar pressures and kinematics in functional hallux limitus during gait Martin Pallemans