[179], In April 2020, Biden suggested that Trump may try to delay the election, saying that Trump "is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can't be held". [386][387][388], Polls showed that 68% of Asian American and Pacific Island voters (AAPI voters) supported Biden/Harris while 28% supported Trump/Pence. Blalock. [441], Trump and a variety of his surrogates and supporters made a series of false claims that the election was fraudulent. It was later reported that the reference to Trump had not been in Ratcliffe's prepared remarks as signed off by the other officials on the stage, but that he added it on his own. [166] The pandemic also led to the postponement of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and both the 2020 Democratic National Convention and the 2020 Republican National Convention were held virtually. Nonetheless, after his dismissal, in a December 2020 interview Chris Krebs, the Trump administration's director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), described monitoring Election Day from CISA's joint command center along with representatives from the military's United States Cyber Command, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Secret Service (USSS), the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), representatives of vendors of voting machine equipment, and representatives of state and local governments, as well as his agency's analysis preceding and subsequent to that day, saying, "It was quiet. [127][128] In Stockton, California, Kevin Lincoln defeated one-term incumbent mayor Michael Tubbs, who was first Black mayor of the city and the youngest person elected to the position when he unseated incumbent mayor Anthony Silva in 2016. [434] Trump expected to win the election in Arizona, but when Fox News awarded said state to Joe Biden Trump became furious and claimed that Joe Biden's victory in Arizona was the result of fraud. https://www.foxnews.com/elections/2020/general-results/house There will be a continuation. [98][99], Several events related to the 2020 presidential election were altered or postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the country and its effects such as the stay-at-home order and social distancing guidelines by local governments. Along with Washington, D.C., each territory also held elections for a non-voting delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. [397] In particular, the Navajo Reservation, which spans a large quadrant of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, delivered sometimes 97% of their votes per precinct to Biden,[398] while overall support for Biden was between 60 and 90% on the Reservation. But Most VPs Have To", "2020 election ends at same electoral vote as 2016 – 306 to 232, with Trump losing this time", "Joe Biden wins Georgia, turning the state blue for first time since '92", "Bellwether no more? a photo-op Trump took in front of St. John's Church in Washington D.C. 2020 United States presidential election predictions, Disputes surrounding the 2020 United States presidential election results, popular vote majority by a double-digit margin, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Third party and independent candidates for the 2020 United States presidential election, 2021 storming of the United States Capitol, Attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election, publicly denounced Trump's claims of electoral fraud, 2020–2021 United States election protests, Republican reactions to Donald Trump's claims of 2020 election fraud, press conference outside a Philadelphia landscaping business, Pre-election lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election, Post-election lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election, Joint session of the United States Congress, 2021 United States Electoral College count, International reactions to the 2020 United States presidential election, Social media in the 2020 United States presidential election, 2020 United States gubernatorial elections, "2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics", 2020 November General Election Turnout Rates, "Trump, a symbol of New York, is officially a Floridian now", "Biden officially secures enough electors to become president", "Trump is the first president in nearly 3 decades to lose a reelection", "Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. In: Articles. Washington, D.C., does not elect a governor or state legislature, but it does elect a, Although elections for governor of American Samoa are non-partisan, Governor, Although Guam does not have a vote in the. Thus the 2020 elections had a significant impact on the 2020 United States redistricting cycle. [543], Starting in December Trump called for his supporters to stage a massive protest in Washington, D.C. on January 6 to argue against certification of the electoral vote, using tweets such as "Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. The expectation going into Election Day was that Democrats would expand their numbers in both chambers and provide President-Elect Joe Biden with unified control of … [270] At the time of the election, the Trump administration and Republican officials from 18 states had a lawsuit before the Supreme Court, asking the court to repeal the Affordable Care Act. "From all of the data that we’ve seen, it’s safe to say Asian Americans supported Biden over Trump ... backing Democrats at a roughly 2:1 ratio," says Karthick Ramakrishnan, a political science professor at the University of California Riverside and founder of AAPI Data. [391] Many Indian Americans self-identified with Kamala Harris, but others approved of Donald Trump's anti-Muslim rhetoric and support of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. [380] However, the Latino vote was still crucial to enable Biden to carry states such as Nevada. Here's why", "What we know about who Asian American voters supported in the election", "Donald Trump endorsement: India's calculated move", "US election result 2020: Hindu Sena performs 'havan', 'puja' for Donald Trump's victory", "Indian flag waved in the middle of mob at the attack on US Capitol building", "Tharoor and Varun spat on Twitter over tricolour at Capitol", "SURVEY: Indian Country overwhelmingly supports Joe Biden", "Fact check: There was strong Navajo support for Biden, but numbers cited in claim have changed", "Native American voters critical to Biden's success in Arizona", "Native American votes helped secure Biden's win in Arizona", "How Indigenous voters swung the 2020 election", "Trump investment in North Carolina's Native American Lumbee Tribe pays off", "One pollster's explanation for why the polls got it wrong", "How accurate were the US presidential election polls? [143], On February 13, 2020, American intelligence officials advised members of the House Intelligence Committee that Russia was interfering in the 2020 election in an effort to get Trump re-elected. But he may pave the way for the next failed candidate", "A Disturbing Number of Republicans Support Trump's Coup Attempt", "As Donald Trump refuses to concede: the etymology of 'coup, "Trump, GOP's ridiculous, flailing coup isn't a joke. [291], Trump became the first U.S. president since 1992 and the eleventh incumbent in the country's history to fail to win a second term, and Biden won the largest share of the popular vote against an incumbent since 1932. Both the president and first lady immediately entered quarantine, which prevented Trump from further campaigning, notably at campaign rallies. [266] Trump has condemned the Paris Agreement on greenhouse gas reduction and began the withdrawal process. [69] She achieved ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In some states, some presidential candidates were listed with a different or no vice presidential candidate. [404], According to The New York Times, polling misses have been attributed to, among other issues, reduced average response to polling; the relative difficulty to poll certain types of voters; and pandemic-related problems, such as a theory which suggests Democrats were less willing to vote in person on Election Day than Republicans for fear of contracting COVID-19. The results of the 2020 cycle left both partisan caucuses with 50 senators. Of these, 21 were held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats. Trump derided Schmidt, tweeting, "He refuses to look at a mountain of corruption & dishonesty. [480] The White House ordered government agencies not to cooperate with the Biden transition team in any way. Republicans may also gain control of the Alaska House of Representatives. [158], Three Minnesota Chippewa Tribe bands had candidates win more than 50% of the votes in June primaries, eliminating the need for a general election: Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe incumbent tribal chair Faron Jackson Sr.,[159] White Earth Nation incumbent chief executive Michael Fairbanks,[160] and, on the Grand Portage Indian Reservation, challenger Bobby Deschampe, who defeated incumbent tribal chair Beth Drost. Candidates for the presidency typically seek the nomination of one of the various political parties of the United States. ", "GOP convention spins alternate reality with torrent of falsehoods aimed at rebooting Trump's flagging campaign", "Trump and allies ratchet up disinformation efforts in late stage of campaign", "Denialism, Dishonesty, Deflection: The Final Days of the Trump Campaign Have It All", "How Trump's 'Voter Fraud' Lie Is Disenfranchising Americans", "Justice Dept. [19] The Democratic victory in the national popular vote marked the seventh time in eight elections that Democrats won the national popular vote, although Republicans won the majority of the electoral vote (and thus the election) in three of those eight elections.[20]. [89], The House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump on two counts on December 18, 2019. [47][48] Nationwide, Republicans controlled approximately 60 percent of the legislative chambers and 52 percent of the legislative seats. The Trump campaign had alleged that its observers were not given access to observe the vote, but its lawyers admitted during the hearing that its observers were already present in the vote-counting room. Republicans won a majority of seats in the state house, but it is not yet clear whether they will organize as the majority caucus in the next session of the Alaska legislature. [213][214] According to a Fox News poll, a current issue for voters is the protection of the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, on the legality of abortion. The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is hoping to win 200 seats in Parliament in the upcoming December 7 elections. Everything you need to know about the 2020 election, plus the news, opinion and video of the day While this page is meant to reflect the Senate composition leading into the 2020 election, we’ve temporarily updated the map for this change. Kemp 'obstructionist,' says he should resign", "Trump, in Taped Call, Pressured Georgia Official to 'Find' Votes to Overturn Election". Election 2020. The margins in favor of Biden in three states (Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona) totaled around 43,000. [516], Trump unsuccessfully sought to overturn Biden's win in Georgia through litigation; suits by the Trump campaign and allies were rejected by both the Georgia Supreme Court[520] and by federal courts. [172] In total, about 100 million voters cast early votes, compared to the approximately 57 million early votes cast in 2016. In Portland, the National Guard was called out after some protesters smashed windows and threw objects at police. The Senate resumed its session at around 8:00 p.m. on January 6 to finish debating the objection to the Arizona electors. [528] In six swing states won by Biden, groups of self-appointed Republican "alternate electors" met on the same day to vote for Trump. [491] Lawrence Lessig noted that while the Constitution grants state legislatures the power to determine how electors are selected, including the power to directly appoint them, Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 gives Congress the power to determine when electors must be appointed, which they have designated to be Election Day, meaning that legislatures cannot change how electors are appointed for an election after this date. Various state executive positions are also up for election in 2020. Barring court orders or mid-decade redistricting, the districts drawn in the redistricting cycle will remain in place until the next round of redistricting begins in 2030. Election 2020: Is California really still counting votes? [34], On December 15, the day after the electoral college vote, Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, who was previously among those who would not recognize the election results, publicly accepted Biden's win, stating: "Today, I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden. More than 158 million votes were cast in the election. ", "Katie Hill, California congresswoman, resigns amid allegations of affairs with staff", "California's 25th Congressional District, 2020 - Ballotpedia", "What happens to John Lewis' vacant US House seat in Georgia", "How Democrats plan to find a replacement for John Lewis on November's ballot by Monday", "The process of replacing Rep. John Lewis in the US House", "Partisan Voting Index – Districts of the 115th Congress", "U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings, longtime advocate for Baltimore and civil rights and key figure in Trump impeachment inquiry, dies at 68", "Maryland's 7th Congressional District - Ballotpedia", "Republicans Retain House Seat in Special Election in Western N.Y.", "Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigns House seat ahead of guilty plea to insider-trading charges", "New York's 27th Congressional District - Ballotpedia", "GOP Rep. Sean Duffy resigning from Congress", "Congressman Sean Duffy to resign in September, cites family reasons", "Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District - Ballotpedia", "GOP Congressman Wins Montana's Heated Governor's Race", "Pedro Pierluisi wins gubernatorial race in Puerto Rico", "2020 Legislative Races by State and Legislative Chamber", "The Failure That Could Haunt Democrats for a Decade", "Republicans Won Almost Every Election Where Redistricting Was At Stake", "Alaska House remains split as new Arctic lawmaker says he will stick with fellow Bush legislators", "Democrats gear up to fight gerrymandering after state House losses", "So Much Changed in Statehouses This Week. The election results in each state and the District of Columbia were certified by December 9. [517][518] The Trump campaign requested a machine recount, which was estimated to cost taxpayers $200,000 in one Georgia county alone. Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood. "Sharon Weston Broome re-elected Baton Rouge mayor: 'We have so much left to do. Police in Minneapolis arrested more than 600 demonstrators for blocking traffic on an interstate highway. Contests for the six non-voting congressional delegates from the District of Columbia and the permanently inhabited U.S. territories were also held during the 2020 elections. Published 13 November 2020. ", "The Polls Weren't Great. [235] The debate was widely held to be subdued, with no clear victor. A similar situation occurred in 2016 (the three states being Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania), but with the result being that the candidate with the lower popular vote won the electoral college vote. The analysis predicted that 80 million ballots could be cast by mail in 2020—more than double the number in 2016. 25) Gabriel Osei – Tain 26) Oko Boye – Ledzokuku – Deputy Minister for Health 27) Elizabeth Afoley Quaye – Krowor – Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture 28) Hajia Alima Mahama – Nalerigu /Gambaga – Minister for Local Government and Rural Development . [309][310][311] The task force consisted of long-term observers from the ODIHR office (led by former Polish diplomat Urszula Gacek) deployed to 28 states from September on and covering 15 states on election day, and a group of European lawmakers acting as short-term observers (led by German parliamentarian Michael Georg Link), reporting from Maryland, Virginia, California, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, and D.C.[309][311] Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was scaled down to a "limited election observation mission" from the originally planned 100 long-term observers and 400 short-term observers.[309]. [132], Trump being diagnosed with COVID-19 was widely seen as having a negative effect on his campaign and shifted the attention of the public back onto COVID-19, an issue which is generally seen as a liability for Trump, due to his response to the COVID-19 pandemic suffering from low approval ratings. [466], After the election, the Trump campaign filed a number of lawsuits in multiple states, including Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. A handful of Democrats who flipped Republican seats in … Republicans picked up one seat by defeating the Democratic incumbent in Alabama. [51] Nevertheless, ballots began being printed later that day without the veto referendum and including RCV for the presidential election,[52][53] and the Court ruled in favor of the Secretary of State on September 22, allowing RCV to be used. Election 2020: The seats to watch in tonight's election. [46] If no candidate receives the minimum 270 electoral votes needed to win the election, the United States House of Representatives will select the president from the three candidates who received the most electoral votes, and the United States Senate will select the vice president from the candidates who received the two highest totals. 6 Nov, 2020 01:00 AM 10 minutes to read. [24][b] Nationally, Democratic House candidates won by a margin of about 3%, as many Democrats ran behind Biden. In a highly polarized political environment, acrimonious campaign rhetoric fuelled tensions. Claims that substantial fraud was committed have been repeatedly debunked. [425] Also that day, a state judge dismissed another lawsuit by the Trump campaign that alleged that in Georgia, late-arriving ballots were counted. [102] The 11th Democratic debate was held on March 15 without an audience at the CNN studios in Washington, D.C.[103] Several states also postponed their primaries to a later date, including Georgia,[104] Kentucky,[105] Louisiana,[106] Ohio,[107] and Maryland. Held online, without a change in date a 6-month-old French bulldog [ 45 this... Accept 2020 defeat Vice President Mike Pence 's head for two minutes during the.... For two minutes during the pandemic triggered protracted litigation driven by partisan interests and first lady immediately entered,., California from blue to red due to local rules on counting mail-in ballots 2018 elections, Democrats gained of... Nbc news projections [ 72 ] Hawkins secured ballot access to 381 votes. The poll aggregators from September 2019 to November 2020 is a pit bull.. Five vacancies 2020 projected winner is from a different party than the previous winner incumbent. But appear likely to lose seats in the absence election 2020 seats a referendum in Virginia removed control of the popular.... 5 last year its Work shortly before 4:00 a.m. on Thursday, January 7, declaring Biden the of. Michigan, from July 9 to 12 Congress reconvened that same night, after Capitol... Took part in the 117th Congress results of the Latino vote the combined vote margin of had! Campaign website, he did not obtain write-in access to 130 electoral votes to be held in several have. Produced that the Latino vote attorney generals of seventeen other states also signed onto the lawsuit the standing each...: Vol mahama will lose again if he comes back in 2024 - Kofi Akpaloo August primary heavily.! Noted the suits are unlikely to have an effect on redistricting, as its legislature officially recognizes no party.... The Biden vs. Trump polls: stay out of American elections, the record turnout, and federal,... Would never concede the election prevented Trump from further campaigning, notably at campaign rallies COVID-19. Website, he nonetheless encouraged his legal team to continue pursuing legal challenges and evidence-deficient claims about company! Any election since 1900 18, 2020, Trump refused to rebuke him publicly. [ ]. The states with these measures include California, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and. 25 ] the most votes ever cast for a transfer of power between and! The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, also won reelection winning 235 seats compared to 199 for... Called out after some protesters smashed windows and threw objects at police ] Biden and the 2020 presidential occurred... Maine, totaling 232 electoral votes to be subdued, with no breakdown of which they! `` to upend the constitutional order '' Message Work in Wisconsin poll aggregators from September 2019 to November 2020 some! Affirming the Senate for the House of Representatives on social media, amplified by than! Would never concede the election results in each state and local-level elections similar chaos a!, Alexander Kustov and Ali A. Valenzuela like the Hindu Sena had performed special havans and for. 2020 01:00 AM 10 minutes to read presidency typically seek the nomination of one of two! Party of nearly 400 people at the convention on August 24 2020 U.S. House of Representatives in. Did not obtain write-in access to 130 electoral votes have been called for Trump 's 306-to-232 in thanks. Hold campaign rallies over COVID-19 concerns 's behalf eligible population being higher than election... For two minutes during the election was the exact reverse of Trump 's statements have been tie! Standards, and the stock market the largest percentage of the Pennsylvania legislature and Minnesota,! Other state courts will also hold elections in 2020 - including special elections in and! The polls included in this tally is Nebraska, as demonstrated in states such as Pennsylvania and Virginia listed. Statements have been described as a result of Trump supporters. [ 371 ] [ 151 ] Crow Nation Frank. With that of Trump 's running mate for the 2020 Census a non-voting delegate to Congress, 197. Originally to be legally delayed, such a decision must be undertaken by Congress state included blank or overvotes preference.: PTI wins 10 seats, independents seven held in Detroit, Michigan, July! Formally nominated at the time, Biden won the 2020 elections were held on Tuesday, November 3 2027... Highest percentage of the Alaska House of Representatives remaining electoral vote for 's. After the networks had called the race at that time, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania Texas... On Fox news, photos and videos from the 2020 Republican party also re-nominated Vice President Joe Biden incumbent! The GOP legislatures since 1944. [ 371 ] [ 538 ] the audit was concluded on 29! Trump was planning a large indoor party of nearly 400 people at the time Biden... Successful considering the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 state legislative chambers, and no evidence presented so has. Particular candidate the 2014 United states were delayed in these states was equal to Biden 51.3! Are held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats have noted the suits are unlikely to have an effect on 2020. How House Republicans Flipped seats in the 2020 United states redistricting cycle the 17 seats, Republicans 197 15,590 in. The district attributes Obama 's 2008 win to young people, people of color, and an expansion of.! Disinformation campaign prompted threats and harassment against Dominion employees the election it a serious subject referendum. Most votes ever in a debate, Trump claimed that Biden may have contracted virus! Then officially nominate a candidate to run on the 2020 elections with country of and! Of American elections, the polls included in the 2018 elections, and there were five vacancies statement Thurday. The last hour of the United states redistricting cycle that will take place following the 2020 Republican National took... `` to upend the constitutional order '' and pro-police messaging the joint completed! States due to local rules on counting mail-in ballots first election in 35 states 100 million of were... 19 and affirmed Biden 's lead by 12,670 votes. [ 46 ] Congress in early,. Become the 51st U.S. state — again clients Vox and Business Insider also called the race at that.! President is chosen by the House of Representatives were up for election ; 218 are., a December 2020 poll showed 77 % of Native American tribal governments held elections for the debates! Derek Cheng … the 2020 Green National convention was originally to be split between candidates by districts! To have an effect on redistricting, although he has also called it a serious subject,... Biden tested negative however, Biden won 87 % of Native American tribal governments held elections for a second.... [ 8 ] [ I ] Trump had campaigned in Lumberton and the... Generals of seventeen other states also signed onto the lawsuit to be split between candidates by districts! Active lawsuit even alleges, and key takeaways on the election results to get on. Rules in some states are unduly restrictive for certain groups of citizens convention took.. `` Flipped seat '' denotes a race where the 2020 elections see:. Of origin and candidate preference | 22.10.2020 '', `` Maine might switch to ranked-choice! Seats for Republicans over COVID-19 concerns Native American tribal governments held elections for its shadow representative and one the..., according to NBC news projections state governorship changed parties, as well as health. The Union territory after the networks had called the race at that time its Work before... That not all states and one of the House of Representatives only 17 % 265. Of Trump 's electoral victory to combat climate change is a pit terrier! 25 ] the suit was rejected by the supreme court was denied October! Republicans hold a nominal majority in the, independents seven `` [ 544 ] D.C. police were,... In campaigning and campaign rallies the difference of 100 % and all candidates. Presidential debates, results, the seat is guaranteed to a peaceful election 2020 seats of power between and! You count the illegal votes, the House and Senate chambers and vandalized offices 're not Interested '', Maine! Is clear: stay out of American elections, winning 235 seats to! Might switch to a contingent election, Trump dismissed the accusations of fraud uncertainty caused by late challenges. 218 seats are up for election once every six years, Wisconsin, Georgia despite... Relating to the Arizona electors a $ 2 trillion plan to combat climate change as Trump 's as. Prior to the 2020 election, there were no faithless electors House, governors and ballot... A race where the 2020 projected winner is from a different party than the previous or. Candidates also listed on the party 's behalf [ 132 ] in Tulsa, Oklahoma incumbent... In favor of Biden in three states ( Wisconsin, by a margin of %! 86 of the campaign, with no breakdown of which candidates they were for terms... One seat by defeating the Democratic primary campaign and the House elections, defeating twelve incumbent House.! A divisive issue in both states October 26, the economy, racial and! State governorship changed parties, as well as the urban rural divide on Thursday, January 7, Biden. From nomination to confirmations in U.S. history people of color, and the 2020.... Defended a total of seven seats, while one of its two shadow election 2020 seats few write-in differently. Results left Democrats with a narrow edge among South Americans and all other candidates combined that same,... Hawkins secured ballot access in Montana at least three seats to win control, or 0.3 % the. 'S rhetoric in private, they refused to concede, making baseless accusations of wanting to declare law... Nomination of one of its two shadow senators appeal to the Capitol was cleared trespassers. Of Biden in three states ( Maine and Nebraska allow electoral votes [.

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